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We are the merger of two family businesses with experience in the cleaning services sector since 2003.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

Our main interest is to achieve total customer satisfaction by offering high-quality and reliable cleaning services, honest and responsible personnel, competitive prices, and guaranteed service. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with the best service experience possible.

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ELEALE Cleaning Services, LLC since 2003

ELEALE Cleaning Services LLC was born in the city of Colorado Springs, CO, USA, with the merger between Chico’s Cleaning Services LLC (year 2003) and Haukap’s Cleaning Services LLC (year 2005), since 2016 and ending in 2019, both family businesses led by its current founders, Maria Alexandra Oropeza and Emperatriz Haukap respectively
These 20 years of acquired experience and professionalism in a service considered as essential, has allowed ELEALE to grow by building strong relationships with clients in various commercial and residential areas. Today our services are required by corporations and residential groups of high prestige, renowned restaurants and bars in the famous Downtown of Colorado Springs.
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Today ELEALE annually attends more than 3000 requests for professional cleaning services, its direct relationship with managers and business owners grows every year due to the excellent references and confidence in the work we do every day. Currently with ELEALE other business initiatives are being represented by ALLIENCE Multi-Services, LLC created in 2021 to provide painting and remodeling services for common customers.

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Emperatriz Haukap
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